The art of disagreement

“Everybody gave parties. And there was a lot of drinking. Some visiting literary celebrity would show up, Partisan Review would make a party or I would make a party. Everybody came. And it was a really passionate intellectual life. It’s hard to imagine today, but people actually came to blows over literary disagreements,” said Norman Podhoretz in this 2017 interview with John Leland for the New York Times. It’s not hard to imagine coming to blows with friends and family--and not just over literary disagreements. Often we put our faith in a system, an arrangement, a technique, a gharana or... Read More

Domestic Violence: Safety Plans

Domestic violence is seldom a one-off incident. Rather, It is a pattern that repeats itself. If you or someone you know suffers from intimate terrorism prepare a “safety plan” much in advance.The most frequent types of physical abuse include getting slapped, grabbed, pushed, shoved, kicked, choked, bit, struck with an object or whipped. Over 90% of those physically abused are women. If your female friend is being abused, It is not uncommon to see that she makes excuses for frequent wounds or bruises that are visible on her face/ body. It is possible that she covers up for her partner... Read More